I Am Voting No On Prop. 1, Let me Explain

I have voted “no” on Proposition 1 - the “GO BIG mobility bond” - also known as the “Transportation Bond.” As council member for Austin’s District #1, I voted to not support the bond when it was presented to us at city council. I want to explain my reasons and I hope you’ll listen to them.

The "GO BIG" Bond is an “old Austin” proposal. By that I mean the proposal is rooted in the old at-large council districts. I was a member of the grassroots coalition which gave Austin our 10 geographic council districts. The old at-large system was flawed because minorities were under-represented and because center-city decided what was best for everyone else.

You have to decide your position on this important issue. No matter your position on the bond, please remember to “go down the ballot” and vote your preference on the “GO BIG” Transportation Bond.

My “no” vote on the Transportation Bond is based on 5 objections:

  1. “Makes Austin’s automobile traffic worse”
  2. “Financially flawed”
  3. “Flawed process created a flawed proposal”
  4. “Damages Austin’s local businesses and Austin’s unique character”
  5. “District #1’s needs are not considered”

I will continue to explain in detail each of my reasons as we near election day, November 8th. Please consider why so many people feel as I do.