Please let me explain why I voted “no” on Proposition 1 - the “GO BIG” mobility bond.

1.    “Makes Austin’s automobile traffic worse” - Managing automobile traffic is Austin’s most pressing transportation problem and the Bond will make traffic congestion worse.

2.    “Financially flawed” – Real costs are unknown, property tax impact is unknown, and this bond proposition comes really close to using up all of Austin’ borrowing capacity

3.    “Flawed process created a flawed proposal” – The Bond is an “old Austin” proposal rooted in the former at-large council districts. The Bond issue was defined with limited input from some council districts, no input from other districts, and is a “one size fits all” approach to Austin’s varied neighborhoods.

4.    “Damages Austin’s local businesses and Austin’s unique character” – The Corridor Improvement Projects will force closure of our local businesses and turn those properties over to real estate developers – no more El Azteca’s!

5.    “District #1’s needs are not considered” – District #1 has specific transportation needs, just like each of the 10 new council districts. One size does not fit all.

No matter your position on the bond, please remember to “go down the ballot” and vote your preference on the “GO BIG” transportation bond issue.


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