Call to Action By: Hugh Mayfield

HBCU call to action to all veterans, registered voters, Alum from Texas Southern University, Alum from Huston-Tillotson University and Alum from Prairie View A&M University.

I am asking you to vote for Ora Houston, candidate for City Council District #1. Early voting starts on December 1st and ends on December 12th. You can vote at any location that has a ‘vote here’ sign. You can vote, even if you did not vote on November 4th.

As a veteran, registered republican, and Alum from Texas Southern University, I fully support Ms. Houston and her vision for a better and prosperous Austin. She attended Dillard University and graduated from Huston-Tillotson University. She continues to be an active alumni, sharing her time and treasure with HT.

I have been involved in city government, served as Former City of Austin Environment Board member, Vice Chairman for the Flood Plane Task Force and Solid Waste Advisory Commission, and I know the effort and desire that exists in the heart of someone who chooses to serve their community.

Ms. Houston is one of a kind who is mindful of and sensitive to the diversity of people and the challenges 'real' people are exposed to on a daily basis.Her service to the community is undeniable and her passion for her neighbors is indisputable.

She has taken the time to explore, investigate and analyze the issues in our city and commits to bringing everyone to the table to work together and find the best solutions.

My request if you are reading this is: Please support Ora Houston and vote on December 1st when early voting begins, or on election day, December 16th.

-Hugh Mayfield


My Endorsement, By: Evie Nichols (11 years old)


I am Evie Nichols. I am 11 years old.

Ms. Ora Houston is running for city council in district 1. I think she would be good for this spot because she represent all the needs of all the people in her neighborhood. Another reason she would be good for this spot is because she is fair and honest. She would never ever tell a lie in her entire life.

She is fair because she would not take sides when two people are arguing. I think Ms. Houston is the most experienced person running for city council in her district. She is super nice and will always try to make fair and right as they should be. She is very smart and will always find a way to improve things. She will always speak her mind not what other people tell her to think and sometimes she will agree with people and sometimes she won’t agree with people.

That’s why I think Ms. Ora Houston would be right for the city council job. 

But I am not saying that the other person running for city council is bad I am just saying that Ms. Houston would probably be better.

Ora Houston Appreciates Each and Every Endorsement

The last ten days have been a whirlwind of unwitting support from several, truly diverse, groups in the city of Austin. Recent endorsements include: Better Austin Today PAC, the Central Labor Council, the Stonewall Democrats of Austin, the Worker’s Defense Action Fund, and the Austin Firefighters Association PAC.

Each of these groups have decided that Ora Houston has genuinely taken the time to listen to and understand the concerns of the members of each organization.

Austin Firefighters Association Endorsement Announcement at City Hall, Sept. 2, 2014

Photo by: Ora Houston Campaign for City Council District 1

“As a ‘prosperous’ Austin, we have a responsibility to begin to learn how to relate to each other - neighbors who arrived recently, neighbors who have lived on the land for generations and neighbors who live in other districts,” said Houston. “We must start the process of working together as a community, as neighbors and as people. It is my goal to engage, education and uplift people in District #1 so that they use their power to participate in and help determine their future in Austin. Until that time I want to represent people in the district who find themselves outside of the circle.”

Today, the Austin Firefighters Association PAC officially announced their endorsement, following an early August announcement by the Austin Police Association PAC.

Collectively, the AFA stated, “Ora Houston is the strong leader that District 1 desperately needs to ensure that the people of traditionally neglected East and Northeast Austin receive the same level of services as the rest of Austin. We are proud to announce our unanimous endorsement of Ora Houston for Austin City Council District 1.”

After receiving the Central Labor Council last week, on Monday September 1st, the Worker’s Defense Action Fund formally endorsed Houston for supporting them and exhibiting the willingness to sit down with the people and work together.

On Saturday, August 23rd, Better Austin Today Political Action Committee voted unanimously to endorse Ora Houston as their candidate for District #1 in the 2014 City Council election.

“A long time resident of the district, Ora Houston has proven a commitment to protecting our Central and East Austin neighborhoods and has shown time and time again her willingness to fight for those who are usually forgotten in Austin politics. Simply put, she can't be bought and she can't be bossed. Her independent voice will be a welcome addition to the new council,” said BAT PAC board member Scooter Cheatham.

On Monday, August 25th, the members of the Central labor Council agreed that Ms. Houston was the person who could represent their members and issues of the Central Labor Council.

Jason Peavler,  President of the Austin Central Labor Council "Ora Houston is a well qualified candidate with years of civic experience and we are proud to endorse her. District #1 will be well served with a powerful Council member in Ms Houston.”

On the 27th, the Stonewall Democrats of Austin announced their endorsement of Ms. Houston.

“The Stonewall Democrats of Austin are proud to endorse Ora Houston for City Council District 1”, said Rich Bailey, SDA Endorsements Chair. “Our members felt Ms. Houston’s experience in addressing Civil Rights issues gives her a good understanding of the challenges being faced by the LGBTQ community and we look forward to working with her as a member of the Austin City Council."

The National Stonewall Democrats describes itself as "a grassroots force for social change within our movement and within our party." It has more than 90 chapters throughout the United States which focus on a variety of equality issues. Ms. Houston stands for equal rights for the only ‘race’ - the human race.

Houston has been an active participant in many local organizations and commissions. She was a member of the Citizens Advisory Task Force of the Imagine Austin Comprehensive Plan; a member of the staff of Senator Gonzalo Barrientos; and retired from the Texas Department of Mental Health Mental Retardation. She is an active member of St. James’ Episcopal Church—an inclusive, multicultural, multilingual congregation.

Being Inspired and Involved

Hello! My name is Kara Bell and I graduated from Texas State University in 2010 with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Mass Communications – Electronic Media. While attending Texas State , I was involved in a Sorority – Sigma Lambda Gamma. While in the sorority and even now, I participated in numerous activities within the community. I've participated in Adopt a Highway, Bobcat Build, and the Komen Race for the Cure.

I have been a member of St. James Episcopal Church my entire life and over the last few years I have become active with the Church and the nursery, caring for children during the services. I met Ora Houston as a member of St. James.


I feel that it is important to be involved in the community for so many reasons but a few of the main ones is to get out and be a part of your community, and meet the people that are involved that want the same for the community as you do. The most rewarding part is getting people involved that were not as involved before.

Ora is an amazing  person for various reasons. I have had many projects/campaigns of my own and Ora has been a knowledgeable resource in getting me any type of help I needed. Ora is an active member in our community and I have watched her lend a helping hand to so many others on so many different occasions for years now. I have witnessed Ora participate in the church choir as well as serve our church community.

She is not only a huge influence on me, but I also feel that she would be a tremendous asset to our community at city hall.  

RE: Enthusiastic Endorsement & Support of Ora Elliott Houston

TO:  All concerned citizens of District One in the city of Austin, Texas
FROM:  William M. Collins, Jr.
RE:  Enthusiastic Endorsement & Support of Ora Elliott Houston
I have known "Ora Ann" for all of my life and it is with extreme pride and conviction that I endorse her to represent the citizens of District One on the Austin City Council. 

In my opinion, she is uniquely prepared to represent all of citizens of District One.  Her integrity is unimpeachable.  She is energetic and compassionate. She values quality education and it's intrinsic connection for positive growth and civic awareness.  Our community needs an individual with these values. 

In short, she is in my opinion, imminently qualified for the responsibilities of representing the interests of the citizens of District One.  

W. M. (Bill) Collins

A Better Austin, By: Anais Barnes

Change is happening all around the city of Austin. Whether your location is north, south, east, west and everywhere in between, there are many issues in our city that need the right people in place to help foster ideas and solutions in order to produce effective results. 

I am a nineteen-year-old sophomore studying Forensic and Investigative Sciences at Texas A&M University. Even though I am not majoring in Political Science or Government, I believe that it is important, especially as a young adult, to get involved and familiarize myself in politics. It is important to not only know what issues exist in our city, but to also meet and build connections with our neighbors and people around the city. Before we know it, we are going to be the people who will be running for office.

As an intern working for the Ora Houston for City Council District #1 campaign, I am always intrigued by the ideas and solutions Ms. Houston has for changing the future of this district. Working with her has been a wonderful learning experience. She has encouraged me to be a driving force in the changes that I want to see in the future of my city. Through this internship, I have been introduced to many inspiring people in this city, as well as gaining opportunities for other internships in the coming months.

Though my time with Ms. Houston’s campaign is wrapping up, I am thankful for the opportunity in learning about how political campaigns operate, as well as learning, observing, and listening to wonderful ideas about how to promote the changes that our city needs.