I Endorse Vincent Harding for District 1 City Council Member

For Immediate Release
Media Contact: Genoveva Rodriguez
Email: Genoveva@oraatx.com
Phone: 956-551-0887

 Incumbent Ora Houston Endorses Vincent Harding for District #1

Austin, Texas - City Council Member Ora Houston announced her endorsement for District #1 Candidate Vincent Harding during a press conference Monday morning at Country Boyz Fixins on E. 12th Street. In June Houston advised that she would not seek re-election.

"What makes Vincent my choice in this crowded field? He listens, he has a wide range of experiences, and he is courageous," said Houston. "In some ways Vincent is much more experienced than I was 4 years ago.”

In November 2012, the voters of Austin approved a charter amendment that transitioned City government from years of at-large representation to 10 district representatives. The Mayor is elected by all voters. Houston is the first individual elected in 2014 under the change to district representation.

"I am grateful and honored to have been trusted with the opportunity to serve the 'blended family' of District #1. Many amazing City employees are part of the family. It is complicated to describe my experiences over the past four years in simple terms. Parts were all consuming - ’eight days a week, 24/7‘, complex, complicated, and very rewarding," said Houston. "I am eager to return to my spontaneous self and travel."

After four years of serving District #1, she is proud to say that one of her greatest accomplishments was the ability to form relationships with the 'blended family' throughout the district. Individuals who have very different views about the role of city government and encouraging them to be part of the process. She hopes that the community has the confidence to speak up and feel like they will be heard by their elected officials.

"I am confident Mr. Harding will continue to encourage constituents to speak up and get involved in the policy discussions that impact the district and the city." Houston added, "The people of District #1 held me accountable for four years, I am confident that they will do the same for Mr. Harding."

"How do voters hold elected officials accountable - VOTE on November 6th! Vote for your council member, vote for our mayor, and remember to go down the ballot to vote on the Propositions."