I have decided not to seek re-election

Dateline Austin, Texas – June 13, 2018

Council Member Ora Houston, Decision Made

Austin, Texas - Council Member Ora Houston, District #1, has decided after months of personal discernment and conversations with confidants, that she will not seek a second term on the City Council.

"It has been a joy, privilege and a huge responsibility to represent the 'blended family' of District #1," said Houston. "Over the next seven months there are major issues to address and votes to take which will impact our City for generations, and the individuals who live here now and in the future."  

"The council must make equitable decisions on the land development code and associated chapters; the adoption of the FY 19 budget; the contents/amounts to include in the 2018 Bond Proposal to be voted on in November; the possibility of placing changes to the City Charter on the same ballot; and assuring that 'justice for all' is accountable, transparent, unbiased, effective, and affordable."

Council Member Houston will focus on executing the responsibilities as the  representative of the District and will continue to support the City to not lose sight that all planning, transit and infrastructure, must be inclusive of the outer edges of the City not only the center city.

The future for her will be a blend of a lot more personal time with opportunities for continued activism and citizen engagement.

"For three years, five months and 8 days (but who’s counting), I laid a foundation of listening to the people, of civility, and approachable through many important transitions that were outlined in the State of the District, on June 9th. I will continue to represent all constituents with integrity, vigor and compassion until my term ends. As I am fond of saying, "This is an 8 day a week job, 24/7."

What's next? Council Member Houston adds, "Time to unclutter my home and look forward to checking off my ABC list - Alaska, Belize and Cuba. Please be assured that I will not become a slacker, I will remain an active, inclusive and civil voice in the City I call home: Austin, Tejas!"