City Council Should Let The Voters Vote - on CodeNEXT

CodeNEXT is a major rewrite of Austin's land development code. It will effect every city resident - renter and property owner. The people of Austin used their right of petition to allow voters to approve CodeNEXT or any such major revision. City Council should put that measure on the November ballot and let the voters vote.

At this press conference on May 24, I was joined by Council Members Pool, Alter, and Tovo as well as Fred Lewis of Community Not Commodity, Nelson Linder of the NAACP, and activist Lauren Ross, to explain why council should let the voters vote.

The press conference is a total of ~16 minutes and is in two parts:
May 24 "Let The Voters Vote" Press Conference - Part 1
May 24 "Let The Voters Vote" Press Conference - Part 2