My Choices on the November, 2018 Ballot

Constituents have asked which candidates and propositions I will support in November’s election. (Early voting started Monday, October 22!) I am humbled to be asked. I believe every voter should make up her / his own mind. I also realize that asking people their judgments is a way to make your personal decisions. In that spirit, here are my choices for selected ballot decisions.

Remember to go “down the ballot!” There are very important Propositions which need your vote. Also remember that if you vote a “straight ticket” – which I don’t recommend – your “straight ticket” vote doesn’t make any selections in Austin city elections because Austin’s politics are officially non-partisan. Each ballot choice deserves your attention.


United States Senator: Beto O’Rourke

District 10, United States Representative: Mike Siegel

District 25, United States Representative: Julie Oliver

District 35, United States Representative: Lloyd Doggett


Governor: No choice

Lieutenant Governor: Mike Collier

Attorney General: Justin Nelson

Comptroller of Public Accounts: No choice

Commissioner of the General Land Office: Miguel Suazo

Commissioner of Agriculture: Kim Olson

Railroad Commissioner: No choice

District 14, State Senator: No choice

District 46, State Representative: No choice


Mayor: Laura Morrison

City Council, District 1: Vincent Harding

City Council District 9: Kathie Tovo

PROPOSITION A, Affordable housing - $250,000,000: NO – I agree with Austin’s 2018 Bond advisory group which recommended less than $250M. Also, the responsible city department responsible does not have the capacity to manage that amount of housing bonds.

PROPOSITION B, Libraries, Museums and Cultural Arts Facilities - $128,000,000: YES – The bond issue includes $300,000 for deferred maintenance for the Carver Museum.

PROPOSITION C, Parks and Recreation - $149,000,000: YES – Funding is included for the District Pool at the Colony Park Sustainable Community.

PROPOSITION D, Flood Mitigation, Open Space and Water Quality Protection - $184,000,000: YES - for much needed infrastructure improvements throughout the city and in District #1.

PROPOSITION E, Health and Human Services - $16,000,000: YES – Includes completion of the neighborhood health services center in the Dove Springs.

PROPOSITION F, Public Safety - $38,000,000: YES – Includes funding for fire stations in the southern part of the city.

PROPOSITION G, Transportation Infrastructure - $160,000,000: NO – Duplication of items already funded.

PROPOSITION H, Planning Commission - Shall the City Charter be amended to provide that the term of service and process for removal of the Planning Commission members be determined by ordinance?: YES

PROPOSITION I, Non-substantive corrections to Charter - Shall the City Charter be amended to make non-substantive corrections to grammar, typographical errors, capitalization, punctuation, and sentence structure; and to change or remove charter language that is obsolete?: YES

PROPOSITION J, Land Development Code - Shall a City ordinance be adopted to require both a waiting period and subsequent voter approval period, a total of up to three years, before future comprehensive revisions of the City’s land development code become effective?: YES – This will allow time for “testing” that was not included in the last process.

PROPOSITION K, Citizen-initiated ordinance regarding an efficiency study - Without using the existing internal City Auditor or existing independent external auditor, shall the City Code be amended to require an efficiency study of the City’s operational and fiscal performance performed by a third-party audit consultant, at an estimated cost of $1 million - $5 million?: YES - There is a need for an external review of the performance and finances of the City Departments. The Zucker Report pointed out recommendations, efficiencies and savings in Development Services, making it a much more effective and efficiently run Department.


PLACE 7, ACC Trustee, Austin Community College District: No choice

PLACE 8, ACC Trustee, Austin Community College District: No choice

PLACE 9, Trustee, Austin Community College District: No choice

PROPOSITION A, Austin Community College District: Approving the annexation by the Austin Community College District of the following territory: the territory in Pflugerville Independent School District that is not currently included in the boundaries of the Austin Community College District, and authorizing the imposition of an ad valorem tax for junior college purposes, which is currently set at a rate of $0.1048, per $100 valuation of taxable property.: No choice





Remember to go “down the ballot!” There are very important Propositions which need your vote.