My Last, But Definitely Not Least Reasons Why I'm Voting No On Prop. 1

These are the last days to vote early before the November 8th election. Please remember to go "down the ballot" to vote your preference on Prop. 1.

Here are my final two reasons why I'm voting no on Prop. 1.

4) Damages Austin’s local businesses and Austin’s unique character – The Corridor Improvement Projects will force closure of our local businesses and turn those properties over to real estate developers. Austin’s character is rooted in the small local businesses.
Let me give an example – East Austin's iconic El Azteca Restaurant. I want to share what happened to El Azteca. 
El Azteca has been an iconic restaurant on the East Side for 53 years. I know the owners, the Guerra family. I’ve eaten at their restaurant for decades. Their business was severely impacted by what looks like one of the “Corridor Improvement Projects.” For months, street construction disrupted traffic on 7th St., restricting access to the restaurant. Then their parking was reduced by street “improvements.” Street improvements are similar to the “new mobility” principals in the Bond proposal. 
As a result, Austin lost a family business and I lost a favorite restaurant. What will be built on the property? Perhaps, luxury living units like the ones being built on E. 6th Street.
The "GO BIG" Bond will duplicate what happened to El Azteca throughout the city. 
5) District #1’s needs are not considered – District #1 has specific transportation needs, just like each of the 10 new council districts. The "GO BIG" Bond’s approach of “one size fits all” does not fit in District #1.
I don’t claim to have a complete list of District #1’s transportation needs or the solutions, but I'd like to have the opportunity to consult with experts, individuals who live in the district and transit experts.

I open to ideas from the communities that are impacted and experience Austin traffic problems and needs first hand.
These are my 5 reasons for voting “no” on the "GO BIG" Transportation Bond proposition.

I hope you'll join me, and many others, in voting "NO" ON PROP. 1.