Thank you for Attention! Go Vote NO!

I have voted “no” on Prop 1, because it will make traffic worse, it costs too much, its impact on property taxes is unknown, and because it wasn’t defined in the spirit of 10-1. I will continue to work with the community and council to define effective actions to address traffic congestion in our fair city.

My “no” vote on the Transportation Bond is based on 5 objections. I hope you will consider them:

1. “Makes Austin’s automobile traffic worse”
2. “Financially flawed”
3. “Flawed process created a flawed proposal”
4. "Damages Austin’s local businesses and Austin’s unique character”
5. “District #1’s needs are not considered”

Finally, please, no matter your position on the bond, remember to “go down the ballot” and vote your preference on the “GO BIG” transportation bond.