Ora Houston Appreciates Each and Every Endorsement

The last ten days have been a whirlwind of unwitting support from several, truly diverse, groups in the city of Austin. Recent endorsements include: Better Austin Today PAC, the Central Labor Council, the Stonewall Democrats of Austin, the Worker’s Defense Action Fund, and the Austin Firefighters Association PAC.

Each of these groups have decided that Ora Houston has genuinely taken the time to listen to and understand the concerns of the members of each organization.

Austin Firefighters Association Endorsement Announcement at City Hall, Sept. 2, 2014

Photo by: Ora Houston Campaign for City Council District 1

“As a ‘prosperous’ Austin, we have a responsibility to begin to learn how to relate to each other - neighbors who arrived recently, neighbors who have lived on the land for generations and neighbors who live in other districts,” said Houston. “We must start the process of working together as a community, as neighbors and as people. It is my goal to engage, education and uplift people in District #1 so that they use their power to participate in and help determine their future in Austin. Until that time I want to represent people in the district who find themselves outside of the circle.”

Today, the Austin Firefighters Association PAC officially announced their endorsement, following an early August announcement by the Austin Police Association PAC.

Collectively, the AFA stated, “Ora Houston is the strong leader that District 1 desperately needs to ensure that the people of traditionally neglected East and Northeast Austin receive the same level of services as the rest of Austin. We are proud to announce our unanimous endorsement of Ora Houston for Austin City Council District 1.”

After receiving the Central Labor Council last week, on Monday September 1st, the Worker’s Defense Action Fund formally endorsed Houston for supporting them and exhibiting the willingness to sit down with the people and work together.

On Saturday, August 23rd, Better Austin Today Political Action Committee voted unanimously to endorse Ora Houston as their candidate for District #1 in the 2014 City Council election.

“A long time resident of the district, Ora Houston has proven a commitment to protecting our Central and East Austin neighborhoods and has shown time and time again her willingness to fight for those who are usually forgotten in Austin politics. Simply put, she can't be bought and she can't be bossed. Her independent voice will be a welcome addition to the new council,” said BAT PAC board member Scooter Cheatham.

On Monday, August 25th, the members of the Central labor Council agreed that Ms. Houston was the person who could represent their members and issues of the Central Labor Council.

Jason Peavler,  President of the Austin Central Labor Council "Ora Houston is a well qualified candidate with years of civic experience and we are proud to endorse her. District #1 will be well served with a powerful Council member in Ms Houston.”

On the 27th, the Stonewall Democrats of Austin announced their endorsement of Ms. Houston.

“The Stonewall Democrats of Austin are proud to endorse Ora Houston for City Council District 1”, said Rich Bailey, SDA Endorsements Chair. “Our members felt Ms. Houston’s experience in addressing Civil Rights issues gives her a good understanding of the challenges being faced by the LGBTQ community and we look forward to working with her as a member of the Austin City Council."

The National Stonewall Democrats describes itself as "a grassroots force for social change within our movement and within our party." It has more than 90 chapters throughout the United States which focus on a variety of equality issues. Ms. Houston stands for equal rights for the only ‘race’ - the human race.

Houston has been an active participant in many local organizations and commissions. She was a member of the Citizens Advisory Task Force of the Imagine Austin Comprehensive Plan; a member of the staff of Senator Gonzalo Barrientos; and retired from the Texas Department of Mental Health Mental Retardation. She is an active member of St. James’ Episcopal Church—an inclusive, multicultural, multilingual congregation.