A Better Austin, By: Anais Barnes

Change is happening all around the city of Austin. Whether your location is north, south, east, west and everywhere in between, there are many issues in our city that need the right people in place to help foster ideas and solutions in order to produce effective results. 

I am a nineteen-year-old sophomore studying Forensic and Investigative Sciences at Texas A&M University. Even though I am not majoring in Political Science or Government, I believe that it is important, especially as a young adult, to get involved and familiarize myself in politics. It is important to not only know what issues exist in our city, but to also meet and build connections with our neighbors and people around the city. Before we know it, we are going to be the people who will be running for office.

As an intern working for the Ora Houston for City Council District #1 campaign, I am always intrigued by the ideas and solutions Ms. Houston has for changing the future of this district. Working with her has been a wonderful learning experience. She has encouraged me to be a driving force in the changes that I want to see in the future of my city. Through this internship, I have been introduced to many inspiring people in this city, as well as gaining opportunities for other internships in the coming months.

Though my time with Ms. Houston’s campaign is wrapping up, I am thankful for the opportunity in learning about how political campaigns operate, as well as learning, observing, and listening to wonderful ideas about how to promote the changes that our city needs.