My Endorsement, By: Evie Nichols (11 years old)


I am Evie Nichols. I am 11 years old.

Ms. Ora Houston is running for city council in district 1. I think she would be good for this spot because she represent all the needs of all the people in her neighborhood. Another reason she would be good for this spot is because she is fair and honest. She would never ever tell a lie in her entire life.

She is fair because she would not take sides when two people are arguing. I think Ms. Houston is the most experienced person running for city council in her district. She is super nice and will always try to make fair and right as they should be. She is very smart and will always find a way to improve things. She will always speak her mind not what other people tell her to think and sometimes she will agree with people and sometimes she won’t agree with people.

That’s why I think Ms. Ora Houston would be right for the city council job. 

But I am not saying that the other person running for city council is bad I am just saying that Ms. Houston would probably be better.