Weighing in on Real Estate "Experts" on 10 Best Neighborhoods to Buy in Austin, By: District 1 Neighbor

I recently came across an article on Culture Map Austin about a what real estate "experts" claim is the top ten best neighborhoods to buy a home in Austin right now.

It is interesting to hear that the real estate agents refer to these areas as eclectic, diverse and affordable, but do not mention what some of the underlying issues of any of these neighborhoods might be going through.

On this list, 3 out of 10 are in District #1, which is currently experiencing displacement by high property taxes, a change in the cultural face of the neighborhood and traffic issues (like everywhere in Austin) due to the rapid growth happening all over the city and district.

It's important that as people are joining our unique community, the history and genetic make-up of a neighborhood is being shared and considered for preservation, otherwise it loses the soul which brought people here in the first place.