A New Day in Austin, By: Genoveva Rodriguez

The Tuesday after the first Monday of November. 

For many it's a Tuesday like any other, but for people who have been working for months or years toward the 2014 Election, this Tuesday means so much more.

It is the goal, the destination, the conclusion, or grand finale. It is the end. 

Many friends and family do not understand why I choose to work in politics or on campaigns. Truth be told, sometimes I'm not sure either. The hours are long, the work is tedious, and quite often things are on the brink of a nuclear meltdown. Yet, there are so many others out there who do this day in and day out.

It takes a certain kind of person to want to do this work or volunteer to do this work. (Yes, some do this work for free.) You can describe these people as ambitious and driven, but I think the most genuine ones are those who are humble and compassionate as well. Overall, it takes people who have a passion for humanity and the greater good.

I know some may say that not all politicians are in it for the right reason (and you are probably correct), but sometimes there is magic in the air and you find the ones who are doing it for all the right reasons and you just can't help to continue working as hard as we sometimes do.

It is so hard not to be drawn in when you meet a candidate, a campaign manager, a team of volunteers or a family that is invested and working toward the betterment of a community or city. It's pretty awe-some when you work in this field long enough and find many of those amazing people. I can see why others do this over and over again when it's the right person and the right time.

The Tuesday after the first Monday of November has been election day for more than 160 years. And for more than 160 years, people made efforts to campaign for the best candidate and travel to the polls in groups to vote for said candidate.

So, while it will be just another Tuesday, just another election, just another day to some, for many it's the day we've been working toward. The bitter end regardless of result because it means that we have given and left so much of ourselves out there on the field that we will never get back, but was well worth it.

Always vote because it is your voice. It may be your only chance to be heard.